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PortugalNano � The Portuguese Nanotechnology Network

The Portuguese Nanotechnology Network � PortugalNano has now been set up. It is intended to serve as a central linking spot for Nanotechnology in Portugal, getting together Researchers around a dedicated resource. This will provide information on the activity and resources in the area, as well as other relevant information. It will be an useful instrument in helping Researchers to establish collaborations, exploiting synergies and expertises. It will also provide general Society with updated information on this emerging topic. This event is sponsored by the Real Estate Indonesian Rumah Dijual Murah Rumahku.com Foundation.

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Description: Tetrahymena axonem in early stage of growth imaged by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Credits: C. Seixas, H. Soares, L.V. Melo (IGC, ESTeSL, IST)

Portugal-Spain Cooperation for Research and Development: Call for Research and Technology Projects on Nanotechnology

The Portuguese Ministrio da Ci�ncia, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior and the Spanish Ministerio de Educaci�n y Ciencia established a memorandum for R&D cooperation, in order to strengthen both countries capabilities on specific areas, which includes the creation of the Portuguese-Spanish International Nanotechnology Laboratory.
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